Is Your Brain Really Necessary? (Part 1 of 2)

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Is Your Brain Really Necessary? (Part 1)

Is your brain really necessary? That’s what we’ll find out on today’s and tomorrow’s Creation Moments Minute.


How does the brain remember what it learns? What happens when you think? Is your mind the same as your brain? As modern science learns more about the wonders of the brain, it also learns that it is farther than ever from learning how the brain works. Some former materialists are beginning to ask whether man has a non-material, spiritual part.

A few years ago, doctors tried to save a child suffering from a severe brain disease by removing the entire left half of his brain. Since important centers for language and speech are in the left half of the brain, they didn’t expect the child to speak in a normal way ever again. Not only did the child recover, but as he grew into adulthood, his language skills were far above normal.

Find out more about the amazing brain tomorrow, on the Creation Moments Minute… I’m Darren Marlar.


Ref: Paul D. Ackerman. 1990. In God’s Image After All: How Psychology Supports Biblical Creationism, pp. 68-73.


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