It’s National SING IN YOUR CAR Day!


Today is RECORD YOUR CAT PURRING DAY, so you can play the tape on his birthday after he’s gone.  ***MARLAR: Well, that’s morbid.

Today is I LOVE TO WRITE DAY, a great day to write something, a poem, a short story, a letter to the editor.  ***MARLAR: Or an obituary for your cat.

Today is AMERICA RECYCLES DAY, and NATIONAL CLEAN OUT YOUR REFRIGERATOR DAY. ***MARLAR: Just as long as they don’t expect me to recycle what’s in my refrigerator – that could be a health hazard.

Today is NATIONAL FAST FOOD DAY. ***MARLAR: Do your part to save the fast food industry today. Did you know that with your small donation of just under $10.00 in the McDonald’s drive-thru, you can feed a hungry disc jockey for an entire air shift? Will you let the hunger go on? Do your part… drive-thru today, and drop off your donation at a radio station near you.  One small act of kindness can make a huge difference.


The Great American Smokeout
Guinness World Record Day
National Bundt (Pan) Day
Use Less Stuff Day

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