Odie from Garfield Comic Stripo Today is ODIE DAY, marking the birth of Odie the dog, Garfield’s best friend, who first appeared on the comic pages on this day in 1978.  ***MARLAR: That makes him 31 years old today – or 217 in “dog years!”  Wow… Odie looks great for his age, doesn’t he?

o Tonight is SNEAK SOME ZUCCHINI ONTO YOUR NEIGHBOR’S PORCH NIGHT, a night for gardeners who grew too much zucchini.  ***MARLAR: Or take it to Dairy Queen and ask them to use it to make a frozen zucchini Blizzard!

o Today is ADMIT YOU’RE HAPPY DAY.  ***MARLAR: Which you might be, if you open your front door tomorrow morning and discover a basket of zucchini.  Assuming you LIKE zucchini.  You probably WON’T be happy though if someone offers you a frozen zucchini Blizzard. 

o Today is NATIONAL FROZEN CUSTARD DAY.  ***MARLAR: They froze him?  I figured they just buried General Custard like everyone else!  (Oh, okay – I know that was a groaner.)

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