Do your joints crack in the morning?

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Do your joints crack in the morning?  It’s nothing to worry about.  When your first get out of bed everything cracks. It is only your joints preparing for the day ahead. As you move during the day, bubbles form in the fluid that lubricates your joins, says Greg Kawchuk, Ph.D., D.C., a professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Alberta. When they collapse, you hear them pop. It’s a harmless phenomenon and it might even help your joints glide as you move. Now if a joint cracks every time you move it, that is different: it could be a tendon snapping against a bone as the result of an injury, a change in your workout routine, or a muscle imbalance. Ask a physical therapist or doctor for advice. Finally, if every pop is painful, talk to your doctor; it could be a sign of arthritis, but know that cracking joints don’t appear to cause the condition. (Men’s Health)