Keeping Plants in the Dark

How can a plant can survive where there’s practically no light at all? This is the Creation Moments Minute!

Keeping Plants in the DarkAll green plants need light to make the food. Different plants need differing amounts of light. However, scientists have discovered that the red algae plant can grow 880 feet below the surface of the ocean. So little light penetrates that deep that it would look absolutely dark to us. Scientists estimate that the light intensity at that depth is just five ten-thousandths as much as at the surface!

So how does this plant live in conditions that would quickly kill any other plant? They are designed to be 100 times more efficient at catching and using light than shallow-water plants. Good engineering, not chance, created this plant. Evolution can offer no reason for this plant to develop. But the Creator’s unlimited imagination and abilities easily explain why this plant exists.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.
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