Keepsakes Reveal Your Personality…

Here’s a fun “personality” test. The types of things you save reveals your true personality, according to psychologist Dr. Elayne Kahn:

• Baby Shoes — You’re very nostalgic, and you’re family-oriented. You have happy memories of when your family members were young.

• Old Love Letters — Definitely a romantic, you believe in love and cry at sad movies. You still remember your very first date. You love hearing from old friends. More of a dreamer than a practical person, you’re not scared to take chances.

• Old Address & Phone Books — You feel that the old ways are often the best, so you’re slow to change. You like antiques and would rather fix an old item than buy a new one.

• Clothing That Is Out-Of-Style — An eternal optimist, you’re an individualist who’d rather do what you like than what you’re told. You don’t make many mistakes because you’ve learned from the past.

• Old Photos — You’ve had a lot of good times and enjoy remembering them. You look for the best in people and tend to overlook their faults.

• Canceled Checks & Receipts — A logical, practical person, you’re in control and rarely lose your temper.

• Old Magazines & Newspapers — Idle time makes you nervous. You run your house or business very well. You’re intellectual and like to plan ahead and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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