Larry the Cable Guy Shares Love for the Bible With Pastor David Jeremiah

Pastor David Jeremiah

Pastor David Jeremiah met one of his biggest fans last week when he and entertainer Larry the Cable guy sat down with their wives to talk about the Bible at the minister’s nationwide Stand Up Tour in Nebraska. According to the Christian Post, Jeremiah’s free tour has been packing out arenas nationwide, and his most recent event, at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, was attended by 10,000 people. One of those was Daniel Whitney, better known on stage as Larry the Cable Guy. Whitney told The Christian Post that he’s been listening to Jeremiah’s sermons for several years. David Jeremiah and his wife spent time with Whitney and his wife at the Stand Up event, and according to the the pastor’s rep, the topic of discussion was “their mutual appreciation for each other and their shared love for the Bible.”  Read the original article here.