Living Thorns and Flying Flowers

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On today’s Creation Moments Minute – discover two insects that really know how to bug evolutionists!

The creation is filled with far too many creatures who practice look-alike deception to put it down to chance or evolution. Today let’s look at two bugs that make it appear they are something else.

Treehoppers have a very odd body shape that comes to a point on top. Not only do they look like thorns, but they usually stay on bushes that have thorns, orienting their bodies on the branches just like true thorns. This effectively hides them from hungry birds. Using a different form of deception are larval plant hoppers. They attach themselves in groups on branches, orienting their frilly and feathery bodies together so they look like a flower!

The clever forethought and planning involved in nature’s deceptions rule out any thought that these creatures designed themselves.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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