Our Logic and God’s Are Not the Same

Our Logic and God’s Are Not the Same

What can humpback whales teach us about aerodynamic design? Find out on today’s Creation Moments Minute.

Scientists tell us that blades designed to operate in fluids, like air or water, should have smooth edges. It only makes sense that a smooth leading edge is more efficient.

That’s why, when a biologist noticed bumps on the front edge of a humpback whale fin, he knew common sense had to be wrong. Testing revealed that the bumps result in an almost ten percent increase in the lift of a fin or blade. It also decreases the drag by one-third. Inspired, scientists discovered that bumps could increase the efficiency of manmade blades like those used on wind turbines, helicopter blades and fan blades.

While science can discover the superiority of God’s design, it cannot learn of His spiritual wisdom by investigating the creation. That is revealed to us in Holy Scripture alone.

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