Why The Mainstream Media Took Notice of This Pastor

One North Carolina pastor heard a calling he couldn’t ignore: John 21:15.

Pastor Richard Joyner told CNN he couldn’t ignore how his congregation was dying out.

“Diabetes, high blood pressure—when we first got started, we counted 30 funerals in one year,” Joyner said. “I couldn’t ignore it because I was spending more time in funerals than anything else.”

So he got on his knees and asked God what to do.

“I was literally exhausted from the funerals, and I was asking God, ‘What are we going to do?’ And I really heard a voice saying, ‘Look around you.’ I looked around and there was nothing but land.

“Now, I didn’t like farming, and I almost paused and said, ‘Is there anybody else up there I can talk to?’ But it was almost like my eyes opened up, and so that’s what we started doing.”

Watch the video to see more of his amazing story.