Making Ripples…

It’s been over a year since I left 101QFL, but I’m often stopped and asked if I’m “Marlar in the Morning”.  It’s a weird feeling when that happens – somewhat unnerving because I’m never really sure how to respond to that question.  “Well, I used to be,” I’ll often answer.  “Now I’m just plain old ‘Darren Marlar’.”

I’m always a bit embarrassed when someone “outs” me in front of others like that now that I’m no longer working at the station.  This very thing happened to me today when I visited a local church behind my house.  A young mother who’d seen me numerous times at various on-location broadcasts over the past six years ran up and was so excited to see me visiting her church because on this Sunday morning her husband was being baptized – I’d be there to see it.  She made sure to introduce me to her husband before services and said, “This is ‘Marlar in the Morning’ – and this is my husband, Steve.”

Little did I know that God wanted me to be there for another reason other than just the awkwardness.  Turns out it was two people being baptized this morning – a man and his daughter – the husband and daughter of this woman who knew me so well as “Marlar in the Morning.”  Both father and daughter had recently given their lives to Christ, and after the little girl was baptized her father took to the baptismal and gave his brief testimony.  He mentioned a few things that were instrumental in bringing him to the decision he was making on this day – and one of those things was listening to 101QFL the past few years.

It was humbling to discover that I’d been a part of something that touched this man so deeply that on this Sunday morning he was making a public declaration of his commitment to Jesus.  It’s strange how we touch lives and never know it.  I’d met this man’s wife many times at various on-location remotes.  This man’s youngest son called the morning show once in a while just to say hello and sing the 101QFL jingle to me because his mother thought it was cute (which it was).  Who knew that just making these tiny connections with the man’s family on such a superficial level (or so I thought) would make such a huge difference in his life?

God knew.  And for some reason He felt it important that I visit this church today and hear it myself.  He used it to remind me that we all make ripples, even if we don’t see the effects immediately.

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