Man Taking Selfie Shows Human Decency No Longer Exists

A jerk in Italy sparked outrage around the world after he decided to take a selfie – with a woman who was just hit by a train in the background! Yep, as the injured woman lay on the tracks at a train station in Piacenza, Italy, badly injured after having been hit by a train, a man stood on the platform and took a selfie with the woman, who was being treated by paramedics, in the background. A news photographer, in turn, took a photo of him taking the selfie, which has appeared in many Italian newspapers and sparked outrage. Critics have complained that, thanks to the internet, we have lost our sense of common decency. Police caught the selfie-taker and made him delete the photo, but he was not charged with a crime. As for the woman, she ended up having a leg amputated. It’s not clear how she was hit, though various reports say she may have been rushing to board a train as it departed the station or that she may have fallen out of a defective door. (BBC)

A man posed for a horrifying selfie with a woman lying injured in the background after she was hit by a train at Piacenza station in northern Italy