Microwave Cheese Sandwiches

Today is NATIONAL MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE DAY. ***MARLAR: I hear they’re planning a tasteful celebration.


Today is LORD OF THE RINGS DAY. “The Fellowship of the Ring,” the first part of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic, “The Lord of the Rings,” was published on this day in 1954.


Today is SIT UP STRAIGHT DAY. ***MARLAR: Don’t slouch. Make your father proud of you.


Today is NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH DAY.  ***MARLAR: My dad used to make grilled cheese without a grill.  He’d make toast, butter the toast, put a piece of cheese between the two slices with the butter facing inward, and then microwave the sandwich for 30-seconds.  For some reason, even with the same ingredients, it just didn’t turn out the same. He called it a grilled cheese – but to me, it was a micro-nasty-cheese. 

Today is STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT DAY.  ***MARLAR: Something I often did to Dad when his back was turned after making me a micro-nasty-cheese.   


Today is DEADLY MIST DAY, the day the deadly mist began rolling across the lake in Stephen King’s The Mist. ***MARLAR: You think that’s scary… you should see the fog my dad’s micro-nasty cheese sandwiches bring after lunch!


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