Mindless Logic?

Mindless Logic?

Do you and I have a mind? Do we think or do we just think we think? We’ll think about this on today’s Creation Moments Minute.

Mindless LogicIf you believe that we were created by God, your answer to those questions will be that we actually do think. But if you believe that life is just a chemical accident, you might agree with those evolutionists who actually believe that we do not think.

Doesn’t it seem to be a contradiction, then, that some evolutionists have written entire books explaining that none of us really has a conscious mind? One wonders why people who supposedly have no conscious mind would read a book written by someone else who also has no conscious mind.

Romans 1 tells us that when people deny their Creator, He eventually lets them sink into complete foolishness. As the Scriptures declare: “Claiming to be wise they became fools.”

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