Miracle Smell

Miracle Smell

Something smells really good on today’s edition of Creation Moments Minute.

Miracle SmellFrom the chemist’s point of view, our sense of smell shouldn’t work as well as it does. The receptors in our noses have to detect a certain number of scent molecules before they can trigger the chemicals that tell us we have smelled something.

When air is drawn into your nose, an organ called Steno’s duct sprays a fine mist filled with proteins that grab onto odor molecules. Then, with their load of odor molecules, they settle onto receptors that trigger your sense of smell. As a result, even scents that are too weak to smell are concentrated by this ingenious system so we can sense them.

Our sense of smell helps protect us, gives our food flavor, and adds richness to the experience of living. It’s truly a marvel of our Creator’s design.

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