I see miracles every single day in my life.  Even the fact that I’m still breathing and that life surges through my neurons is evidence to me that God is alive and working.  We can put together all of the protein molecules, assemble them into the shape of whatever creature we can imagine, but no one can insert life into that creature… only God can do that.

I see the order of the universe and know there must be Someone who placed that order into existence.  Order does not come from chaos – but in fact, the exact opposite is true.  Things tend to come apart if not given sufficient attention and care.  Our lives begin to unravel if ignored or taken for granted.  The natural order of things is to slowly degrade – yet our universe shows such amazing and precise order.

Any closer to the sun we would burn to cinders – any farther and we’d be buried in under thousands of feet of ice.  If the moon were any farther or closer, life on this planet could not exist in its current form.  If the moon were to disappear completely, our planet’s tilt would also disappear – at which point, not only would we not have the seasons, but temperatures would increase to a point that life would be unsustainable on this beautiful blue planet.

Where did we all come from?  Where did the universe come from?  The Law of Cause and Effect requires every effect must first have a cause… so what was the cause of the first effect?  Where did that cause come from?  Think back far enough and it’s almost impossible not to conclude that something or Someone who is eternal had to start it all.

Contemplate the expanse of the universe appearing from nothingness.  Meditate on the events of your life and where they’ve taken you.  You would not be who you are today or where you are today had not every single one of those events (good or bad) taken place.  Do you really believe your entire existence and who you are now is a result of complete randomness?  That the wonderful person, the personality you have, the ideas that come from your mind, the passions you pursue, the feelings you feel, the actions you take, the impact you make… is all by chance?

I can’t believe that.  I won’t believe that. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  You, with all of your perceived imperfections, are a living, breathing miracle of God.

If you’ve never seen a miracle, you’re not looking hard enough.


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