Mom with Cancer Desperate for Missing Luggage Gets a Note With Delivery at 3 AM

Despite there being an abundance of negative news about airline employees, this Southwest worker has become a shining example of going above and beyond the call of duty. 

Stacy Hurt was preparing to fly back to Pittsburgh from undergoing a chemotherapy treatment in Nashville, Tennessee when she was offered an earlier flight home.  Unfortunately, there was not enough time for a luggage transfer and her suitcase was unable to make it on the plane. When Hurt discovered that she had lost her bag, she was overwhelmingly upset.  In order to survive colon cancer, Hurt will have to undergo chemotherapy treatments for the rest of her life. Inside of her lost bag, there were a number of important medicinal and emotional objects that she wanted for her chemo session the next day.  When Hurt spoke to Southwest airlines worker Sarah Rowan about her dilemma, the young employee immediately understood the gravity of the situation.  Rowan tirelessly searched for the bag until – at 3AM – she finally found the suitcase. Because the curriers had all gone home, however, Rowan delivered the suitcase to Hurt’s doorstep herself.  On top of the suitcase, she left a heartwarming note scribbled on tissue paper.  The two women later shared a tearful conversation where Hurt expressed her gratitude and disbelief at Rowan’s efforts.  We warn you – it is hard not to get tearful listening to it yourself, but you can watch the video below!