Movie Review Friday: November 12, 2010


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NOVEMBER 12, 2010…

Morning Glory—This adult comedy has Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford as competing television news anchors who are forced to work together. You get to see what happens behind the scenes and this happens in real life, too, whether it be on television, radio, acting, etc. “Morning Glory” is rated R for language and adult themes. Rating of 2 for Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton fans.

Skyline—Aliens appear overhead and unlike the television series “V,” don’t offer help. Instead, they start scooping humans up with something like a giant vacuum cleaner. Shades of “War of the Worlds.” What can humanity do at this point? It’s like ants on a sidewalk with a leaf blower/vacuum overhead. “Skyline” stars Eric Balfour, Donald Faison and Brittany Daniel. “Skyline” is rated PG 13 for violence and themed material. Rating of 1 for science fiction fans.

Unstoppable—The unshakable Denzel Washington plays a railroad expert who suddenly finds an impending disaster on his hands. A runaway train carrying explosives is on the rails, ramming its way through small towns, and what to do? Along with an apprentice, Chris Pine (“Star Trek”) the two men try an impossible mission. Stop the train. Hang on to your chairs. Tony Scott directs. “Unstoppable” is rated PG 13 for violence and language. Rating of 3 for fans of Denzel Washington and Chris Pine (the new Captain Kirk.)

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