How Much Does Your Coworker Get Paid?

Image result for How Much Does Your Coworker Get Paid?Do you know how much the woman in the next cubicle is paid? How about the guy down the hall who seems to be on an endless coffee break? Unless you’re a manager, chances are you only know what you make — and no one else. And researchers at Cornell University and Tel Aviv University think that’s wrong. Salaries should not be kept a secret. Why? Secret salaries hurt worker performance and increase the turnover of top talent. When the numbers on the payroll are shrouded in secrecy, employees begin to doubt that an increase in personal performance will be accompanied by a pay increase and that can lead to reduced performance and productivity. In addition, they say, high-performing workers are typically more sensitive than others when they perceive there is no discernible link between performance and pay, suggesting that pay secrecy may hinder a firm’s ability to retain top talent.

***Personally, I don’t agree with this at all. If everyone knows the other workers’ salaries, it would likely breed jealousy, contempt, and dissatisfaction with a job you might have previously felt fine about. But that’s just my opinion.