When you go to family reunions, do you not realize that some of the branches of your family tree need to be pruned? That happened a couple of months ago at my wife’s family reunion. We met cousins that Robin had never met before in her life. With some of them, we exchanged e-mail addresses so we could stay in touch, and one of them sent us an e-mail just the other day about something that had happened to him. After reading his e-mail, we decided that, yes, Clyde Hajny was one of those branches that needed to be pruned.

He was at a gas station to fill his gas tank, and when he drove off he realized that he had forgotten to replace his gas cap. So he drove back, and no luck… he’d lost his gas cap. But he realized too that this had probably happened to others, so he walked up and down the street next to the gas station looking for, perhaps, a different gas cap that someone before him may have lost. Well, it turns out that he found one!

You have to proud of a guy that thinks in this way… he didn’t have to spend money to buy a new gas cap, he just replaced his old one with one that someone else had lost. And this one was even better than the one that he had lost, because it was a LOCKING gas cap!

He was real excited in his e-mail about it… but I’m sure that will last only as long as his gas tank is full.

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