Natural Fire Insurance

Natural Fire Insurance

Though some forest fires can’t be prevented, some plants actually depend on fires to become more productive.  This is the Creation Moments Minute.

Natural Fire InsuranceThe lodgepole pine makes up 77 percent of Yellowstone National Park’s forests and actually has its own fire insurance. The pine produces two kinds of seed-bearing cones. One cone releases its seeds normally. But the other cone is coated with a strong resin that keeps the cone sealed shut. These cones may remain sealed shut on the tree for decades until a fire burns off the resin and causes the cone to release its seeds. After a fire, there are up to 20 seeds for every square foot of forest lying on the ground, ready to sprout in the newly enriched soil!

The wisdom and love of the Creator is seen once again in providing for the lodgepole pine tree with an amazing fire insurance system.

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