New Type Of Eye Discovered

New Type of Eye Discovered!

On today’s Creation Moments Minute, a unique eye that presents new problems for evolutionists.

New Type Of Eye DiscoveredThe glasshead barreleye has a cylindrical eye pointing upwards to see prey, predators and potential mates. But the eye also has a mirror-like second retina which is able to detect bioluminescent flashes created by deep-sea denizens to the sides and below.

Actually, there is one other vertebrate that also uses a combination of reflective and refractive lenses in its eyes – the deep-sea brownsnout spookfish. But consider this: The glasshead barreleye and the brownsnout spookfish developed this amazingly complex eye from different kinds of tissue. So if you’re going to believe in evolution, you’ll have to deal with the fact that this unusual type of eye had to evolve twice, independently of one another, using two different solutions to the same problem.

Truly, the glasseye barreleye and the brownsnout spookfish point out how blind evolutionary scientists really are!

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Ref: “Researchers discover fish with a previously unknown type of eye”, Phys.Org 3/20/14.