NIV About To Be New Again?

According to a news story I just read, the top-selling Bible in North America will undergo its first revision in over thirty years, modernizing the language in some sections and promising to reopen a contentious debate about changing gender terms in the sacred text.

The New International Version of the Bible will be revised to reflect changes in English usage and advances in Biblical scholarship. The revision is scheduled to be completed late next year and published in 2011. The NIV was first published in 1978 and more than 300 million NIV Bibles are in print worldwide; its publishers and distributors say the translation accounts for 30 percent of Bibles sold in North America. 

So, can you still call it the New International Version of the bible when it’s over 30 years old?  And what do we call the old New version when the new New version comes out?  Is the new version the New New version, or is the old one now the Old New version?  And what happens thirty years from now?  Do we go through this again and call the new version the New New New Version while making the previous New New version the Old New New version, and making the original version the Old Old New Version?

How about we come up with a new name, hmm?

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