No more need for Bean-O?

Good news! Scientists have found a way of stopping beans from causing gas! Supposedly, a short burst of gamma radiation before soaking the beans does the trick.  ***MARLAR: One of the unfortunate side effects though is that you can’t sleep at night because your eyelids glow in the dark.  


NASA is researching the use of a protein found in human ear hair as a way of powering space suits.  ***MARLAR: The older you get, the more NASA will want you!


A full-sized Viking ship made from recycled ice-cream sticks is setting sail for England from the Netherlands. The 50-foot long ship, named after the Norse god Thor, is made from 15 million recycled ice-cream sticks glued together by American stuntman Robert McDonald, his son and more than 5,000 children.  ***MARLAR: The biggest challenge will be keeping the boat afloat from all the weight the crew gained from eating all those popsicles. 


In Caracas, Venezuela police have always been able to arrest people for kissing in public. However, now they can arrest a couple if they LOOK like they’re even thinking about kissing. Cops were given the green light to round up would be smoochers after older citizens complained that kissing couples made them feel uncomfortable. Human rights activists are protesting the law.  ***MARLAR: As are the makers of TicTacs.


A Scottish man has won recognition as the fastest human in the world when it comes to typing text messages on his cell phone.  ***MARLAR: He broke the world’s record by typing in the following phrase: “I am without a doubt the world’s most anti-social human being.”


Marine mammal experts in the Florida Keys have opened a dolphin “chat line” of sorts, hoping to teach a deaf dolphin’s unborn calf to communicate. Underwater speakers and microphones were installed to broadcast dolphin noises into the tank.  The dolphin should deliver her calf in about a month.  ***MARLAR: If this actually worked, wouldn’t we have moms playing rock music for their unborn babies and then giving birth to kids who immediately knew how to play the guitar?


Some researchers at the University of Glasgow say they have some evidence that disputes the idea that humans evolved from Neanderthals. They say that humans and Neanderthals both roamed the earth simultaneously.  ***MARLAR: And site the WWE as evidence.


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