Oak Island Discovery Announced – Research Group Reviewed – ROMANS!

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HUGE news from Oak Island!

This is a special pre-release announcement of historical significance. After years or meticulous research into the origins of the Oak Island mystery, ExpeditionHistory.org, InvestigatingHistory.org and the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society are releasing the following information to be followed up with a formal academic report and peer-reviewed white paper. Such White paper to be released at a later date.

Currently, the researchers and academics who have collaborated to validate this historic find include Multiple Ph.D’s, Historians, Authors, Forensic Researchers and Professors from University of Berkeley, California, University of Oregon, University of Wisconsin- Madison, South Dakota State University, Oklahoma State University, Pulitzer Prize Nominated Poet Laureate, The Foundation for Indigenous Research, Principle Research Scientist from Battelle Memorial Institute, History Channel Explorers and Art and Artifact HISTORIANS.

The white paper is titled: Multi Discipline Forensic History Research Group rewriting history of Pre-Columbian Contact in the Americas, A comprehensive report to rewrite the history of North America and the relation to Pre-Columbus Trans Atlantic Voyages.

On August 20, 2014, Hutton Pulitzer photo documented, investigated and forensic metallurgical tested with X-ray fluorescence technology an artifact brought froth from the waters surrounding Oak Island, which is now proven to be a authentic Roman Artifact.

Supported by peer reviewed evidence, the investigations point to an Oak Island landing by Romans between the years of 150 and 203 A.D. and verification is not limited to the Sword Artifact. Included in the report are ancient coins, Roman Legionnaire artifacts, symbols and glyphs in Nova Scotia, language, plant specimens, DNA evidence and burial mounds of a pre-history nature.

This collaborative study has brought together some of the best research and investigative minds in the country and promises to present the historic case and opening blueprint for rewriting the current “Columbus discovered the America’s” theory and the “Vikings Discovered the America’s Theory”.