“The Ohio Dogman” and 7 more TRUE PARANORMAL stories! #WeirdDarkness

“The Ohio Dogman” and 7 more TRUE PARANORMAL stories! #WeirdDarkness

In this episode:
A strange encounter in a diner turns terrifying when and old man appears to have black eyes.
The feeling of being watched and cold spots in the home bring fear to a family in Oklahoma.
Both a father and a son experience what can only be described as demonic oppression.
A woman in Utah finds a stranger in her room… directly above her bed.
Author G. Michael Vasey takes us to a haunted church in the Czech Republic village of Lukova.
A strange figure appears in a photo – but wasn’t there when the picture was being taken.
Ohio has its own strange creature roaming the forests… they call it the Dogman. And one man tells of his encounter with it.
Ohio’s Silver Creek Dogman – what many consider to be a real life werewolf.

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When The Black Eyed Man Strikes

Floating Orbs And A Terrible Feeling In My House

The Demon Who Levitated Me Out Of Bed

The Strange Man Who Appeared In My Haunted Dreams

A Creepy Cursed Church And Its Ghosts

The Creepy Selfie That Shocked Me

Did I See The Ohio Dogman?

Ohio’s Silver Creek Dogmen: Investigating a Frightening Encounter With Midwestern Werewolves
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