Oldest Bug is Modern

Oldest Bug Is Modern

Did you know that the world’s oldest bug is just like living insects? That’s the topic of today’s Creation Moments Minute.

Oldest Bug Is ModernThere is no evidence in the fossil record that any creature ever existed that was in the process of changing from one kind into another. While many different kinds of plants and animals have become extinct, modern forms are found in the most ancient rocks.

This fact was highlighted for us again when scientists announced the discovery of a fossil bug which they said was 15 million years older than any insect ever found before. They also noted that the insect was remarkably like modern-day silverfish. In other words, insects were well-established long before evolutionists ever thought they had evolved!

This is just one more example of a scientific discovery clearly showing that every living thing reproduces after its own kind. Furthermore, those kinds have been the same since the beginning.

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