On the next Darren Marlar Show…

…Friday, August 27th, 2010!

Be sure to share the link to this week’s Darren Marlar Show with your friends – it’s going to be a great one (a great show that is, not a great link… the link is the same as always)!

This week we’ll talk about the strangest ways you’ve hurt yourself – in your own words through voice mails you’ve left me.  We’ll find out what a man’s eyebrows say about his personality.  Do we really have to remind you why it’s not a good idea to smoke while you’re pumping gasoline?  Apparently we do – that’s our Moment of Duh this week!  Playing with helium can do more than mess with your voice – it can mess with your freedom and land you in jail!  The files of Law & Disorder are on the way later in the show.  Talking to your car can be seen as a bit odd, but soon it could be norm… and your car will talk back!  I’ve got some sure-fire tips for smoother school days for your parents listening to the podcast.  And speaking of parenting – can a roller coaster help you get pregnant?  I have the answer to that question as well!  All of that and more this week – and remember, ignorance is bliss – and this week’s Darren Marlar Show has bliss running out the nose!  It’s coming your way this Friday – so subscribe now so you won’t miss it!  http://marlar.podomatic.com

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