On this Saturday’s Darren Marlar Show podcast…

What is your favorite pizza ingredients?  It reveals something about your personality, and we’ll find out on the next Darren Marlar Show podcast!  Can models and actors deduct the cost of plastic surgery as a business expense?  I’ll have the answer for you.  In our “Brain on Drugs” story, drugs and grenades don’t mix!  Imagine reading your own obituary in the newspaper!  That happened to one woman recently!  Ever wonder what doctor your doctor goes to see? Chances are they might not visit a doctor at all.  We’ll take a look at the movies “Antichrist” and “Shutter Island”.  And is your marriage on the way down?  I’ll give you ideas on how to use five connections a day to lift it right back up!  All of that and more on the Darren Marlar Show podcast – this Saturday!

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