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Sadly, after so many years, it is time to close down ONAIRprep as well as the audio feature “Daily Dose of Weird News”.  Details on the next page after you login.

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Radio prep for busy on-air personalities who are already wearing three hats at their jobs and need a break on the time-consuming project of show prep! RADIO PREP FOR MEMBERS ONLY!

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Access to the radio prep requires a password. If you are not a member, the system will bring you back to this page so you can choose a subscription below. If you are already a member and are brought back to this page, click the red “Member Login” button to the left to login with your username and password.

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NOTE: You will receive an email with your username and password once you subscribe.  If at any time you want to change your password, simply use the password retrieval function on the login page. One email address per account.  If you are sharing the account with others at your station, you may want to use an email address that is available to everyone.  That way if anyone forgets the password they’ll be able to do a password retrieval.