People With Skinny Genes Wear Skinny Jeans

People who brag that they can eat anything they want and still fit into their skinny jeans may have an “unfair” advantage over the rest of us – skinny genes (not denim – but DNA). According to a study in the journal Natural, those lucky ones have 28 special genes that form a portion of “Chromosome 16” and people without it are 43 times more likely to be morbidly obese. While scientist have detected genetic material that leads to flab, this is the first found that pushes people to be slender. Researchers say that everyone normally has a copy of each chromosome from each parent, giving them two copies of every gene. But sometimes sections of a chromosome can be duplicated or deleted, resulting in abnormal genes. “This is the first genetic cause of extreme thinness to be identified,” says study spearhead Dr. Phillipp Froguel of Imperial College London. “It is also the first example of a deletion and a duplication of one part of the genome having opposite effects. If we can discover why this results, it could lead to new obesity treatments.”

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