Redecorating Your Office?

Here are 7 objects that convey authority in the workplace, according to Marc Salem’s Mind Games.

  • Your diploma. Some people think it looks tacky, but it demonstrates ability, pride and confidence. Don’t give it center stage though.
  • A family photo. It defines who you are.
  • A dumbbell. Set it on the floor in full view. It says to your co-workers, “I take my health as seriously as the company’s.”
  • A map or globe. It demonstrates you’re a big picture thinker.
  • A signed anything. It conveys importance through association.
  • A set of something. Encyclopedias, rare books, whatever. It shows you have a focused and curious mind.
  • A ticking clock. It says, “I’m important and busy.”


Here are 6 things that suggest weakness:

  • An ashtray. How can you control your corner of the company if you can’t control your nicotine craving?
  • Tube TV. Your ideas are probably outdated, too.
  • Formica furniture. You’re not even important enough for wood.
  • A candy-colored computer. Maybe you ought to showcase your creativity through your work instead.
  • Cardboard boxes. Going somewhere?
  • Anything orange. It suggests emotional instability.

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