Retired Marine Receives A Double Arm Transplant

Six years ago, Marine Sgt. John Peck had all four of his limbs blown off by an explosion in Afghanistan. According to NPR, thanks to a double arm transplant, he is talking about the miracle of holding his fiancee’s hand and feeling the pressure when she squeezes. The 31 year old underwent a 14-hour surgery in August, performed by a team of 60 doctors, nurses and other medical personnel in Boston, the hospital’s director of upper extremity transplantation. Doctors say it will be nine to 12 months before the nerves in Peck’s new arms are fully functional again. Still, Peck said he can lift his arms and is relearning to brush his teeth, dress and feed himself. Peck says his goal is to achieve the dream he’s had since he was a boy: to become a world-class chef.

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