Revival in the halls of Logan High

Martha Sparks –

Logan High School Junior Skyler Miller, pictured in white shirt and Bible, took a bold step in faith on Thursday at Logan High School when he began preaching in the hall during lunch hour.

LOGAN, W.Va. — On Thursday, March 24, a Logan County student did something virtually unheard of in today’s society — preached in the hall of a school.

Logan High School Junior Skyler Miller drew a sizable group of students who settled on the floor of the school hall and listened to his sermon.

“I had been praying for a long time that Jesus would send me into the hall to preach the gospel because I wanted to be fearless and bold for him just like the disciples and apostle Paul,” Miller said. “About 20 minutes before I did it he told me, ‘Today is the day Skyler. Go be a light and let the broken know who I am.’”

Logan High School teacher and Prayer Club sponsor John E. Godby said Miller had asked to be prayed for that day.

“Skyler is a two time victor over leukemia. He has talked often to me at school about how God is dealing with him. So today, at the beginning of lunch, he came to me and ask me to pray for him to be bold because he was going to preach in the hall outside my room to his friends and to anyone that would listen,” Godby said. “When he began a crowd began to gather.

“Before long the hallway was filled with kids all along the library side and down from my room. At the end of his message, he gave an invitation for those who need to recommit their lives or get saved to step forward and then around nine that I counted came to him for pray. He called for me to come and pray with some of the kids. I did. Several recommitted and one that I prayed with was saved.”

Miller said he feels like he owes Jesus.

“He has brought me through so much. When I had leukemia, I leaned on him and He helped me through everything,” Miller said. “So I feel like I owe Jesus my everything for saving me not only from my sin, but from death too. Not to mention His presence and His Holy Spirit is amazing. He gives me love, hope, and peace like no one else can give me. I John 4:19 says ‘We love because he first loved us.’”

Miller also preached on Good Friday in the LHS gym during lunch hour.