Right Now Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy a New Car

Image result for buying a new carNeed to buy a car soon?  Well, this is the month to do so.  (Gee – I sound like a car commercial don’t I?  Sorry.)  Right now is the best time of the year to buy a new car. Car dealers have been dropping prices on their new cars this September, making it the best month for you to make a move on the model you want. They says September is typically a good month to buy a new car because a lot of new models make their debuts in the fall season. Add that to the fact that auto sales have been softer than expected this year and it leaves consumers in the driver’s seat. Officials say the added pressure to sell means more incentives for consumers in the form of 0% financing for qualified buyers, cash back rebates, and bonus cash.  Original article at http://yhoo.it/2diap6e