Have Santa Claus Voice Your Project!

Who knew that on his off-hours, Santa Claus does voice work on Fiverr… and JUST $5 per 200 WORDS!  Click here to ask Santa to voice your project!

give you the best Santa Claus voice you have ever heardSanta Claus can voice your video, narrate your short story, record a personalized message for your child, voice the phone prompts for your business during the Christmas season, or anything else!  (So long as it’s family-friendly of course.  I mean, he has a reputation to protect!)

Do you have a larger project, or something unique? Request a custom offer and ask for Santa’s hourly rate!

Whiteboard video narration, movie/game trailers, PowerPoint voiceovers, commercials, industrial, church narration, theater announcements, podcast intros/outros, YouTube, film narration, phone prompts, in-store announcements, etc.!

Click here to ask Santa to voice your project!

***NOTE: Santa reserves the right to refuse to voice a script he does not not approve of. ***