Secret Intelligence from the Deity

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Secret Intelligence from the Deity


When he wrote Moby Dick, Herman Melville noted that whales seem to be guided by a “secret intelligence from the Deity.” Find out more about whale language on today’s Creation Moments Minute.


It is known that sperm whales can echolocate in the same way that bats do. Whales also use sounds to communicate with each other. Scientists have catalogued at least 23 different sperm whale click arrangements. Some of the patterns always follow other patterns, indicating that the clicks are a form of language.


Some whales are believed to carry out conversations over thousands of miles. Scientists believe that some of the frequencies used by the whales allow them to communicate with other whales halfway around the world. The haunting melodies of the hump‑back whale are mating songs.


Whales are beautiful creatures. While they are intelligent, they are not as intelligent as once thought. However, they still glorify their Creator.


For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.


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