Seriously Creepy Packages Being Sent To Underage Girls

Parents of young girls are being warned about disturbing packages being mailed to minor girls. Two girls at an Alabama elementary school last week received packages containing food, New Jersey visitor’s packages, and a letter signed “Atur Bhuck.” The letter writer claimed to be a 14-year-old from Santa Fe, New Mexico, with mental disabilities who had been bullied, and asked the girls to write to him at two different email addresses. However, the Covington County District Attorney’s Office said in a Facebook Post: “The FBI reports that the IP address of the gmail account appears to originate from Houston, Texas, and that more than 50 New Jersey visitor’s packages were ordered from that address for minor girls in Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia.” It gets creepier: “Each order included the name of the girl and the address of the elementary school she attends. The same IP address has also appeared on websites discussing girls’ underwear and types of music to listen to when he visits his pen pal in Phenix City, Alabama,” the post reads. Parents are urged to contact authorities if their children receive suspicious packages. (FOX News)

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