Simian Shakespearean Theater

On today’s Creation Moments Minute, meet monkeys that teach their children well!

Scientists who studied the scientific literature on African chimps learned that monkeys pass knowledge on to their children. For example, one population eats soldier ants by holding a stick near the entrance to the nest. Once the stick is filled with ants, they sweep the stick clean with their lips. Monkeys at another preserve collect ants the same way but sweep the stick clean with their fingers.

Researchers have even seen mother monkeys leave nuts and stone “hammers” near rocks that could be used as anvils to teach their children how to open nuts. One mother even did a slow motion demonstration for her child. No, it’s not the ability to pass on information that makes us unique. It’s God’s special love for us in sending His Son to save us!

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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