Sit up straight in the car, guys!

Almost a personThe average guy spends 67 minutes a day behind the wheel of his car. Poor driving posture increases your risk of having back, neck and shoulder pain. Here are some ways to avoid these problems:

o Empty your pockets. A wallet in your back pocket raises one hip above the other, twisting your spine and straining your lower back.

o Use the lumbar support in your seat, or buy a back-support cushion. It helps maintain the natural curve of your spine. Also tilt your seat back to reduce pressure on your back.

o Close your window. Or open it all the way. Having the window cracked sends a breeze over your neck, causing stiffness as your muscles contract.

o Always keep your thumbs on the rim of the steering wheel. Hanging them over the spokes can lead to damaged and sore tendons.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Living in Monrovia

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