Skeletons Puzzle Evolutionists, Part 1

On today’s Creation Moments Minute – the fossil record does NOT support evolution.

Contrary to what the theory of evolution says, the history of life found in the fossil record does not show simpler kinds of living things gradually becoming more complex. Nor does the fossil record show a few kinds of life gradually becoming more kinds of life. The fossil record doesn’t even show one example of either of these claims that are universally accepted by evolutionists.

Life appears suddenly in the fossil record. And the living things found in the earliest rocks are completely developed and well equipped for life. Trilobites, for example, had fully formed eyes that were apparently more sophisticated than many creatures today – even our own. Trilobites, with their incredibly complex eyes, appear without ancestors.

Tomorrow, we look at skeletons in the fossil record and what they teach us about God’s ingenious creation.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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