Smart Sharks

Smart Sharks

Did you know that sharks are not only smart, they’re social, too? Find out more on today’s Creation Moments Minute.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of shark intelligence is that they are socially complex creatures that communicate with each other through a language of body signals. So far, researchers have learned what seven of these signals mean. For example, male hammerheads show submission to other hammerheads by shaking their heads.

Because intelligence and ability are gifts of the Creator, they are often found in abundance in creatures that evolution says are simple or less-evolved creatures. But evolutionists are wrong. Sharks have larger and more complex brains than fish. In learning tests, they score just about as well as rabbits.

What this tells us is that the Bible’s description of the creation in which we live is far more accurate than speculations by man.

For the Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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