So, How Was YOUR Day?

I guess I should apologize for ignoring my blog.  I’ve been spending so much time social networking that I often forget there are still a lot of people in this world that read more than 140 characters at a time.

I’ve actually debated doing a weekly update in an email newsletter form, but not even my mother wants emails from me as often as that.  (Hi, Mom, I love you!) Plus, I don’t always have a lot to say.  It wouldn’t be that thrilling if all I had to report was that I finally finished watching “Dead Like Me” on Netflix and now I’m giving “Jericho” a try.  If this was my wife’s blog, you’d be hearing every single detail about her day, how she couldn’t get her hair to curl “just right” this morning, how she had to go the grocery store to pick up a few items and ended up with a full basket – and then she’d proceed to tell you every single item she picked up during that shopping trip and why she decided to pick it up at that particular store as opposed to the other store she shops at.  Anyway, you get the idea.

As for me, it’s the slow season for comedy, so I don’t have a lot of comedy gigs booked in the near future aside from my live stand-up comedy DVD recording taking place in the Dallas, Texas area on August 5th.  My DVD is tentatively titled “Slightly Irregular” and there’s a possibility I’ll film a portion of the DVD at The Funny Bone in Toledo, Ohio a week or two before – still working out the details for that.

Most of my recent activity has been in the form of auditioning for TV and film projects.  And it’s been a good couple of weeks.

Earlier this week I auditioned for (and this morning was cast for) a role in the upcoming short film “Burnt Out” where I play a less-than-stellar high school security guard named Chet Wilkinson.  (Think “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” but stick him in a high school instead of between the Gap and the food court.)  It’s a small role, but it’s a great comedic character that I am looking forward to portraying when filming begins later this month.

Earlier today I also auditioned for the lead role in a new web series (TV series for the internet – an idea that is all the rage now) called “Hand of Glory,” written and directed by Stuart Whalin.  This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve had the opportunity to audition for, as it is an original supernatural thriller (a genre I’m already a fan of), and the lead character’s personality is similar to my own.  Not sure if I fit the director’s vision of the lead role, but I felt good about the audition nonetheless, and celebrated shortly thereafter by traveling to Wendy’s for a large chocolate Frosty (gotta do something to keep this gorgeous figure of mine).

I’ve also been asked to be available for auditions next week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a short film called “Pretty Girl”.  And no, I am not auditioning for the lead role (you smart alack). I’ll actually be auditioning for the role of a doctor – a character that is actually quite older than I am, but the director wanted to see me anyway, thinking I might be able to bring something different and unique to the role.  Let’s hope I can prove her right.

Here’s something I’ve never done before – stand-up comedy for a movie audience.  But I’ll be doing that in July at the Rockford Night of Films & Fun.  It’ll be a bunch of independent films with me and a few other entertainers in-between the films, entertaining the enormous crowd of tens of people.

Also got a call today from someone who’d like to be my PR person.  I guess she liked what she saw on my website, resume, Facebook page, or something.  She decided to give me a holler to see if I might be interested in hiring her.  It’s always good to have someone in the industry appreciate your efforts and call you for a change, as opposed to always calling them trying to get their attention.

I had more good news on Thursday as I met with many other cast members of “Preachers Kids: The Untold Stories“.  We’ll be filming new episodes of the TV show in July and it appears the show will finally be hitting the national stage on the WORD television network possibly as soon as this September.   It will also have a LOT more dates added to the increasingly popular live shows, which are becoming even bigger than the TV show itself!

The director/creator of the TV sitcom pilot that we filmed a couple of months ago (“The Tell-it-Alls”) is speaking with at least three cable TV networks this month, so it’s possible you might see me in a supporting role in a television show in the near future!

And earlier this month I signed with the Steve Holmes NOW Agency that will not only submit me to TV and movie casting directors around the nation, but plan soon on venturing into producing their own films and TV shows; we’re already discussing the possibility of creating a sitcom around me.  (How cool would THAT be?!?)

So… a lot going on.  Lots of irons in the fire.  Downside: no money pouring in just yet so we might be waving “good bye” to Comcast ON-DEMAND for a couple of months.  Upside: lots of opportunities for God to open doors and make big things happen.

For now it’s just that whole “wait and see” thing which I’ve never really been all that good at.  Can anyone relate?

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