Is Your Sofa A Silent Killer?

Image result for killer couchA very real hazard to your good health is your chair. Or your couch. Or the seat of your car. Sitting for long periods of time working at your desk, watching TV or even driving can increase your risk of an early death from heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other health conditions. But there is a remedy! And it’s very easy. Once an hour, stand up and walk for two minutes. While we are supposed to exercise 2.5 hours a week, 80 percent of us don’t do it. With this in mind, scientists at the University of Utah School of Medicine investigated the health benefits of a more achievable goal, trading sitting for lighter activities for short periods of time. The study found that while there was no benefit to sitting for 58 minutes and then spending two minutes standing or doing other low-intensity activities, there was a distinct benefit to spending that two minutes walking, cleaning or gardening. Specifically, doing those light-intensity activities lowered the risk of dying by 33 percent.