Space… the final frontweet…

Endeavour STS-118 BlastoffForgive Mark Polansky if he’s been too busy to tweet lately. He is in space, after all. Polansky, the commander of the space shuttle Endeavour, is only the second astronaut to file Twitter updates from space. He says the mission has been so busy he’s had trouble finding time to write a 140-character tweet. He says sometimes he barely has time to catch dinner and get to bed. However, he says he’s enjoyed reaching a segment of the public through Twitter who might not otherwise pay attention to space travel. Polansky has tweeted regularly with the help of workers at the Johnson Space Center who actually post his messages.  ***MARLAR: Why is it that I can’t get a decent cell signal in my living room, but this guy can update Twitter from SPACE?!?!?

Sneezing in space is nothing to sneeze at. Astronaut David Wolf and the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor answered some questions from kids and teens posted on YouTube. Wolf responded to one kid who wanted to how do you sneeze in a space suit? Wolf says he’s done it quite a few times, including during a space walk this week. He says you have to — quote — aim well. Wolf notes that if you sneeze all over the inside of your space helmet there’s no way to clear the view.  Endeavour is on a 16-day mission to the international space station.  ***MARLAR: And if you sneeze in zero gravity you have little gloops floating all around inside of your helmet. (Couldn’t they come up with some kind of windshield wiper thingy?  They’re NASA for cryin’ out loud!)

Simon Cowell says that his co-star Paula Abdul will return for the ninth season, despite the fact that she has yet to be offered a contract and her manager insisting she’ll quit. Simon says, “I don’t get a lot of say. I’ve just made it clear that I want Paula on the show.” Cowell and host Ryan Seacrest both reportedly signed lucrative deals with Simon earning an alleged $100 million a year and Seacrest taking in $15 million.  ***MARLAR: Ryan Seacrest only gets $15-million per year?  How does he even BEGIN to pay his bills?

A man who relieved his stress by repeatedly entering a forest to scream has been ordered to find a different way to relax because he is scaring neighbors.  Residents in the western town of Aachen called police to investigate a series of loud yells coming from a local forest.  The man’s screams had prompted neighbors to call police out on three previous occasions.  He faces a fine of $75. ***MARLAR: Which stressed him out so he went into the forest to scream.

A toadstool is the spore-producing body of a fungus. Contrary to belief, only a few toadstools are poisonous.  ***MARLAR:  But after you find out a toadstool is a spore-producing fungus, you don’t want to eat one anyway.

The earth tilts at a 23.5 degree angle. For part of the year the north part is tilted towards the sun and experiences summer, then it changes and tilts away from the sun and has winter.  ***MARLAR: That’s one reason we have seasons. Another reason is so fashion designers will know when to introduce their new line of clothes.


Creative Commons License photo credit: jurvetson

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