Tired of your lady’s complaints? She’d have it much worse overseas.

The next time your woman busts out the following common relationship complaints, whip out this handy guide and remind her exactly how good she has it!

  • You never do any housework. — In rural Albania, men are forbidden from doing household chores because lifting a finger is seen as a sign of weakness. An Albanian lady’s “chores” can include strenuous labor, such as lugging enormous bales of hay from one paddock to another while her man stands around and smokes.
  • You’re scared of commitment. — Thanks to a cunning interpretation of an Islamic law, Syrian men can divorce their wives by muttering “I divorce you” three times. By contrast, a woman has to go to court, a process that can take up to five years. In that time, her husband may have already married several more wives.
  • You don’t support my career. — A 1996 Russian law restricts women from entering 400 professions “inconsistent with femininity.” Those industries include building, crane operation and working in tunnels. Women who had labored loyally without complaint during Soviet times found themselves jobless overnight.
  • You stifle my ambitions. — Acting “in the interests of the household,” Cameroon passed a law in June 1998 requiring women to obtain their husband’s permission before seeking a job in a trade other than his.
  • You never let me drive. — Before 1990, it was merely socially unacceptable for women to drive in Saudi Arabia. So fifty women protested the custom by taking a spin through the capital – and they were all detained and many of them lost their jobs. The Grand Mufti then outlawed lady driving altogether.

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