Stranger Pays $1,000 Electric Bill to Help Keep Teen With Muscular Dystrophy on ‘Life Support’

A firefighter from Clinton Township, Michigan, recently paid a family’s outstanding $1,023 power bill to help them get back the electricity needed for their son’s “life support.” According to ABC News, Christy Stone called 911 after she and her husband’s house lost power because their 18 year old son Troy, who has muscular dystrophy, relies on an electrically powered ventilator to “breathe and stay alive.” Christy explained her family has been overwhelmed with medical costs, given that she has a 15-year-old son who also has muscular dystrophy. Firefighter Ryan McCuen responded to the emergency call Christy Stone put in that day and said helping was “a no-brainer”. While Troy was taken to a hospital to get his ventilator hooked up to power, McCuen called the power company and paid for the family’s bill.