After Student’s Suicide, Teens Leave Encouraging Notes on Over 3,600 Lockers at Ohio High School

PHOTO: Anna Aronson, Erica English, Michelle Crispin and Ellie Uematsu -- sophomores at Mason High School in Mason, Ohio, surprised around 3,600 of their fellow schoolmates with positive message sticky notes on their lockers on Aug. 30, 2016.

After a student’s recent suicide left Mason High School in Ohio reeling, five teen girls left encouraging notes on thousands of lockers as a way to start healing. According to ABC News, The campaign was initiated by a MHS sophomore, who said she and her friends spent nearly eight hours writing messages like “You are strong” and “You are unbreakable” on thousands of Post-it notes. She said that the girls placed the sticky notes on over 3,600 of the high school’s lockers. They also placed notes on teachers’ doors and administrative staff members’ desks.

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