Sunlight On Global Warming

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Sunlight on Global Warming

Do you remember when scientists feared that the Earth was entering a new ice age? Check out today’s Creation Moments Minute.

It was not long after the new ice age fear was proven to be unfounded that some scientists began to see a new demon – global warming. While some insist that it is well underway, many other admit that there is no evidence the Earth is warming. They warn, though, that it could start at any minute, and it will be caused by man’s pollution.

However, studies show a strong relationship between the sun’s energy output and land temperatures. It is folly to think that man is so powerful he can change the world’s climate. But the Bible’s wisdom tells us that there is a Creator Who controls all things, and it tells us how He has loved us. It also tells us that this Earth will be inhabited when He returns.

For Creation Moments Minute dot com, I’m Darren Marlar.


Ref: “Global Warming: Checking out the Sun.” Science News, Vol. 140, p. 380.

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