The Super Bowl Choke

Image result for eating during super bowl tvNew research from the University of Florida Health Department has some interesting new data to file away for next year’s Super Bowl. Apparently your chance of choking is ten times greater during the big game – especially if you’re the Atlanta Falcons! (Sorry – couldn’t resist). Seriously, Dr. Asim Shuja and his team found people are up to ten times more likely to choke on their food during holidays and major sporting events like the Super Bowl. It’s mainly because that’s when people tend to mindlessly consume massive quantities of food – also often at a high speed. It’s a lesson learned the hard way by former President George W. Bush, who briefly fainted and bruised his face in 2001 after he choked on a pretzel while watching a football game. Men in the study were more likely to choke, usually on meats like turkey and chicken. Experts advise slowing down, take smaller bites and enjoying your meal, along with the big game. (KWQC)